Saturday, November 28, 2009

Color:Beige, Black
Size:Width:30CM Height:24CM Handle Lenght:22CM


Renee Tay said...

hey babe, black one still available? :) said...

Babe my clothes that u said have been posted, i dont have it yet. Can i just go collect it from you. If not the refunds would be appreciated.

beetch said...

Hello hun! I've been texting you and email-ed you since the past few days, but no reply gotten. Would want to know when will you be posting the chanel inspired bags as it was told that you'll be posting the pink one first, but till today, i didnt get them yet hun. If you couldnt restock the red one for me, just mail the pink one and it's okay if the balance for the red bag is refunded. do mail me back please hun, as i have been waiting eversince for your reply. :(

regards, miches

annie said...

hey girl please check ur mail and reply sms ya. u still holding my clothes. thanks for cooperation.

Caitlin said...

sent you so many e-mails and you are not replying. wonder if and when i can get a refund for the clothes which you said are out of order.