Sunday, July 19, 2009

Skin79 Black Miniature Set

-Sell:RM69.00 (RM55.00 if purchase any bottles below)
-Outside Price: Unavailable
It could be a gift during special occasion. your friend will definitely be so glad to receive this BB cream miniature set! with variety choices! It is up to her to choose which she like best!
-It is small and easy to carry!Keep it in your bag to work,class, shopping or travelling!
-It contains 4 types!Hot pink Triple Triple function, Gold triple fuction, diamond prestige and diamond luminious!
-U'll loveee it!

Skin79 Mini BB Cream Trial Set
-Outside Price: Unavailable
Interested in so many of them yet didnt know which to choose?
Or you and your friend plan to share these tubes among one another?
Minature set have it all!SUperly feminine and girly girl packing
-Consist of:Super BB Triple function pink, Gold label super BB Triple fuction, The oriental gold BB cream, Diamond pearl luminous BB cream
-5gram each

Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream

-Sell:RM88 (Free Shipping)
-Outside Price:RM140
-Notice a little wrinkle around your eye or your forehead? This suits you best as it work as it work well for wrinkle improvement and whitening!
-It also made skin more elastic and bright. So say goodbye to saggy and dull skin!Because ingredient contain Adenosine and Arbutin
-You can now save your money on sunblock, as diamond prestige consist of SPF 25PA++ (UVA/UVB)

The Oriental BB Cream

-Outside Price:USD45=RM161
This BB cream comes with a Mirror, blusher or u can either use it as a lig gloss! As it is creamyy. Superbly convenient. Easy package!This is meant to even out uneven skin tone. ya know when times like t-zone is darker than the other area, or where blemishes is red!
-It contains high level of h20 and mineral!Provide mineral and vitamin to your skin.
-It also create a radiant and bright skin.
-This is recommended for dry and combination skin, as it has excellent serum control
-It has excellent mosturizer function, has whitening effect and anti wrinkle!
-Contains Sunblock with SPF 25PA++, UV protection

Skin79 Dream Girl BB Cream

Crave for bb cream so much yet afraid it is too strong for your baby skin? then try dream girls!
It is specially created for females age 17-22 years! Now, you can go off to college with a natural looking flawless skin!

-Outside Price:USD35 = RM129
-Contain fruit extract to maintain and protect younger skin!
-UV Protection, Contains sunblock of SPF30 PA++
-Even out uneven and dull skin tone!
-43.5 gram

Skin79 Triple Function BB Balm Hot Pink

Have uneven skin tone due to dark circle, regular make up, lack of sleep or dehydrated skin?
Triple fuction bb cream in hot pink suits u best!
-Outside Price:USD29 = RM103
-It have three fuction which is for whitening, brighter complexion and anti wrinkles!And not to be forgotten more elastic skin! This is because of the ingredient which consist of Arbutin & Adenosine.
-Osmopur new ingredient consist of sunflower, rice bran, ivy extracts which protect skin from harmful environment (dusty area!)
-Skin will stay heallthy and moist because Phyto complex ingredients moisture and soothes skin extremely
-Not to be forgotten, it makes skin light, soft, and dry all day long withou feeling dirty and oily
-Contain SPF 25 PA++ (UVA/UVB)!U can drive safely without harmful sun exposure :)!
-Great for combination to oily skin!Its oilll freee!
-40 Gram
-Ingredients: Caviar, osmopur, co enzynme Q10, Aloevera extract, and 21 ingredient for a healthy skin

Skin79 Triple Function BB Balm VIP Gold (Gold Edition)
Proven by Korea government for its effectiveness on wrinkles improvement, whitening and anti UV. Abundant nutrition on GOLD and CAVIAR EXTRACT cares skin intensively to make shiny and healthy skin.
It is good for skin affinity, and it makes your skin light, soft and flawless all day.
-Outside Price:USD29 = RM103
-Skin79 + BB triple function is for whitening, wrikle improvement, and uv protection (consist of sunblock (SPF25 PA++, UVA/UVB).
-Now, you need not need to apply a sunblock! Extremely convenient isn't it?
-Besides that, it also has excellent serum control. Therefore it is best recommended for combination and oily skin!
-Special ingredient:caviar, osmopur, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera extract, and 23 others ingredient meant for healthy skin.

Skin 79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream

Its a female's dream to own a glowy skin!Hence, If you have dull or dry skin, this bb cream suits you most. This is because the shiny pearl with gentle shimmering effect makes skin radiant and extremely attractive!

-Price: RM65.00
-Outside Price: USD29.00 = RM103
-It leave skin matt and natural all day long by sebum control effect.
-Because of the water drop type, it gives plenty of moisture. It feels cool when apply on skin because of its aqua effect.
-It have 8 types of plant extracts! It provides nutrition, make skin healthy, radiant, bright, and its oil free!
-It suits those with normal to oily skin.

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