Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome back! ;)!
I'm back but with preorder BB cream and pre order clothes this time!*ghees!*

I was so interested in the product that I decided to sell them myself.
And here, I brought to you the cheapest SKIN79 BB cream!
Now everyone can own it with this affordable price!

I, personally love fashion and cosmetic so much.
I've tried several brands of cosmetic for full coverage and to creat a glowy skin!Wasn't satisfy as I was wearing heavy make up wherever I go

Then, I was introduced "SKin79" BB cream from Korea by my friend.Undeniable satisfaction!

I am selling them only at the range of RM65-RM85!*Cheapest!*
Outside store sell them at the price of RM118.00 to RM168.00!

Do Not Worry of Imitation due to the huge differences of price.
It Is 100% genuine. Directly sent from Korea.

Before. Dior Foundation

After. SKIN79 Shiny WaterDrop BB Cream. Lighter!

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